Weed is So Last Year: How CBD is Taking Hollywood by Storm

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If you’ve been to one of the 11 states where weed is legal for all adults 21+, then you know that weed stores (or dispensaries as they are officially called) are everywhere in these states. Not only that, but you also see them being advertised on billboards and in local newspapers. There are even apps for phones, with ratings and customer reviews. But these are just the places where buying weed is the same as picking up a six-pack of beer. It’s just for fun.

In most other states, even if you can’t buy weed for fun, you can get access to weed for medical purposes. If you’re using weed to treat things like aches and pains, then one thing you’re going to hear about over and over again is CBD oil.

CBD oil is one of the many compounds found in the marijuana plant. Think of it as one of the vitamins that are in a fruit smoothie. Recently, people all over have found that it works really well in treating various conditions such as aches and pains or stress and anxiety. One place in particular where CBD has become all the rage is in Hollywood, California.

Put down the pipe and pick up that…lotion?

You might know California as one of the states where weed is legal for everyone 21+ to purchase. But many people are buying CBD products instead of purchasing weed. That’s because CBD oil gives you the benefits of weed without getting you high. It’s also safe and legal. For this reason, CBD products have become one of the most recent celebrity crazes in Hollywood.

Some people might think a celebrity’s life is all smiles for the camera. You see tabloids of your favorite stars on the beach, and you think that their lives must be totally stress-free. But actors actually live very demanding lives. Many people in California now smoke weed legally to deal with stress, but getting high can get in the way of getting things done. For this reason, many celebrities have found that CBD is a much better choice to help deal with the demands of their job.

But how do you take CBD? Simply put, CBD oil is just that, an oil. In other words, in its most basic form, you could just drop the oil on your tongue. But the taste is often described as bitter and earthy.

Luckily, CBD oils can be infused in all kinds of products. You can ingest it by eating CBD-infused candies. You can rub it into your skin through lotions and creams. There are even beard oils, cough drops and even toothpicks with CBD in them! People are constantly coming up with different ways to get CBD into your system without having to deal with its bad taste.

Health & Wellness Benefits of CBD

There are countless health benefits associated with CBD. A great choice for both physical and mental wellbeing, it’s no wonder so many people in Hollywood are flocking to this natural substance.

Pain Relief

CBD is a well-known pain reliever. Many people prefer it to over-the-counter medication because it doesn’t have any known side effects.

Actors often have very serious physical demands in their roles. Think of superhero movies or other action and thriller films. Actors often have to train their bodies for roles through rigorous workouts. Once they begin filming, they’ll be keeping long hours and exhaustive schedules on set. Sure, a stunt double might be the one that falls off a building or crashes a car. But actors in demanding roles endure going a lot, both physically and mentally.

Many female celebrities praise CBD when walking the red carpet as well. Being on their feet in 6+inch heels for hours will naturally induce pain. In a recent interview, actress Mandy Moore revealed that she began trying CBD lotion on her feet to counteract the pain that’s caused by being in heels so long for an event.

Skin Treatment

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also be treated with CBD-infused lotions and creams. It’s no secret that celebrities love their beauty products. After all, with so much attention from fans and media, it’s clear why they’d always want their skin to look great. With CBD-infused skin lotions, actors get the best of both worlds, leaving their skin looking fresh on the surface while also treating an underlying medical condition.

For example, Olivia Wilde has started using CBD-infused lotions in her skin treatment regime. She says that it has the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety while also making sure her skin looks its best.

Sleep Aid

The demand of keeping a film on schedule can often mean weeks and weeks of working all day long. The stress can lead to sleep disorders. Without proper sleep, actors may find themselves exhausted on the set, not looking their best, or even forgetting their lines. Luckily, CBD oil has also been found to help regulate sleep patterns. CBD-infused products can help make sure people wake up each day looking their best and feeling refreshed.

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio says that CBD oil is her secret weapon for success on the runway. In the past, she had trouble sleeping the night before fashion shows because of all her anxiety and excitement. But now that she takes CBD oil she finds it easier to get her full eight hours, ensuring that she looks her best when it matters most.


It’s easy to see that CBD is having its 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood. Nowadays, when people think of celebrities and marijuana, it’s no longer limited to actors like Seth Rogen and recording artists like Snoop Dogg. With all of these health benefits, it’s no wonder that CBD has taken Hollywood by storm!

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