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A$AP Rocky Arrested & Detained in Sweden

The music world can seem like a fantastic soap opera that you watch and enjoy, but it can be very real trouble for the celebrities that go through difficulties with the law. In the latest news, A$AP Rocky has been arrested and detained in Sweden.


What Happened in Sweden?

The rapper, whose name is Rakim Mayers, got into a fight when a group allegedly followed him several blocks while he was in Stockholm. Bystanders filmed the fight, but details about what happened came to light when A$AP posted two videos on his Instagram account. In one, you can see Rocky and his entourage asking two males to discontinue following them.

In the caption, the rapper stated that they were not his fans and that he did not know them. They continued to follow them, harassing girls and causing trouble when the rapper wasn’t seeking any. Another video shows several different interactions on the night in question, when the men were repeatedly asked to stop following Rocky and his group.

It’s not clear what eventually led up to the attack, but there is video footage of one of the males attacking s security guard in the group using a pair of headphones. In another video, you can hear the rapper stating that he wants to be left alone. At the end of the video, a female voice off-camera states that the men groped her and the woman she was with.

His Tour Has Been Interrupted

While fans along with several famous artists support the famous rap star, Rocky continues to claim his innocence and fight for release. He was on tour at the time, which has been disrupted as he is unable to attend shows while being detained. He was scheduled to tour in Dublin, Poland, London, and perform other shows across Italy, Germany, Ukraine, and more.

Arrested on the Spot

According to a reliable source, A$AP Rocky was arrested as soon as he arrived at the police station. This has caused significant controversy as the rapper went voluntarily in an attempt to speak with the authorities about the incident. They also failed to notify the American embassy located in Stockholm, which goes against protocol whenever an American citizen is arrested.

The rapper tried to appeal his arrest, but the Supreme Court of Sweden denied his appeal. Rocky and his lawyers pushed for his release, stating that he has already lost more than $1 million and will continue to lose even more, possibly his career, if he is detained longer. His living conditions have been described as inhumane, though Sweden’s government officials have denied these allegations.

A petition has been filed for his release, stating that Rocky and the members of his entourage were acting in self-defense on the night in question and does not deserve to be kept in solitary confinement. It has been alleged that he is being restricted from the most basic of amenities and the conditions are unsanitary. He was being held in solitary confinement, with no phone privileges and no visitation.

The petition also alleges that the Swedish government violated the law – Article 36 in the Vienna Convention on Consular relations to be exact. The petition has over 350,000 signatures and will likely continue to gain signatures, as support is steadily rising for the star. Several rappers have announced that they are boycotting tours in Sweden, including T.I., Lil Yachty, Tyler the Creator, and Schoolboy Q to name a few.

The President is Involved

Representatives of the American embassy were actually banned from speaking with the rapper, which apparently called the attention of the president. He turned to Twitter, using the hashtag #FreeRocky and expressing disappointment at Sweden for not treating Americans fairly.

He claims that the United States does a lot for the country but doesn’t seem to get much in return, as shown with the recent arrest of A$AP Rocky and their failure to follow protocol. The president appealed to the Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, hoping that he would intervene in the case of the rapper.

However, the Swedish government replied with a statement saying that they treat every individual equally and would not interfere with the proceedings of the law. With Trump unable to intervene, there’s no telling how things will go.

What Will Happen Next?

A$AP Rocky and his lawyers are still fighting the case, bringing evidence to the table in order to prove his innocence. It’s up to the courts to determine his fate, as he is facing 2 years in jail.

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